Saturday, May 29, 2010

on Dennies and his family's visit

They arrived friday 6am at the Davao International Airport. As expected, I went to meet them.
His Daddy Efren and Mommy Deling were with him along with Abbi, his sister; Daddy Adring, his uncle; Ate Lis, his cousin & Daddy Adring's daughter; Ate Mitch, his coursin & Kuya MJ, her husband.

From there, we went straight ahead for breakfast then to Malagos to see the Philippine Eagle.
We had our lunch at Tabing Dagat in Sta. Cruz which is midway from Davao to Digos.
They went in to finalize their reservation at Arnaldo's Hotel and Restaurant for August where they'd be staying the night before the wedding. This is about 30 minutes ride from Lolo's place in Barayong where we'd get married.

My brother Jobbie is still in the hospital then, so Dennies and I were dropped by request at MCDC to visit. We went back to Davao with Mama for the dinner at her favorite Chinese restaurant in the city. This was the dinner with his family.

The meeting went well.

His family was kind of shocked to hear Dennies' pray for the dinner. They haven't heard him prayed out loud before. ^^<

The dinner was great.

The date is fixed after some bargaining which I won ^^<. And the time set at 8am instead of 7am.

After dinner, Papa got them to eat durian of which Dennies' is afraid of.

They did tried it but i don't think it was a hit among them. But anyway, thanks for trying.

It was a night, we dropped them off at the hotel and we all went to bed early, I guess.

Saturday, I went with his family for the zipline at EXcelerator and then to Paradise Island in Samal. I guess they liked the place since they already booked the night of our wedding day there.

Sunday, Dennies and I had our pre-nup shot.

Then, they went ahead.

& i went straight to digos for Jobbie.

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