Wednesday, May 5, 2010

our barrio fiesta wedding...

i know i should leave details to surprise you on my wedding... but i just want to excite you as well.
however, this may not be pushed through as planned/dreamed.
but, i'll tell it anyway...

posted last march 19, 2010 on my previous blog...

this is just a part of my daydream for now...

still to be approved by my fiance and our families...
but anyways, i love dreaming... obviously.
why the barrio fiesta? ... because it allows a bit of chaos which is inevitable with the number of guests that would be coming.

this is vera wang's aurora... far from the maria clara with panuelo that the previous article had mentioned...

but anyway, imagine this dress with a bolero with the Filipiniana sleeves (yup... those that imelda marcos had been known for) then, it would be pulled together as in the terno that this theme calls for.

The bolero can then be removed during the reception, which is like changing the whole outfit. & instead, a panyo will be placed vertically on one shoulder.
the groom ang the male entourage would wear the barong... as usual.

The food will definitely be Filipino. We're even thinking for halohalo to combat the coming noonday sun. What do you think?

In my previous post on the Filipiniana themed weddings, I posted a picture of a couple doing the 'tinikling'. If Dennies were to agree on doing that with me on our program, I'd surely go for it. The problem is, he wouldn't. But maybe I could make him do it? Should I try convincing him?

I've thought of a lot of reception games to be played with Filipino roots. I'm thinking of pokpok palayok, luksong tinik on two main wedding events... And maybe more... still thinking.

Anyway, our bridal ride will definitely be barrio-style. No money from us for the bridal car industry.

A lot of things are playing still on our minds... and we're so welcome for suggestions.
I am excited. Obvious?

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